About Us

The North Great George’s Street Preservation Society, supported by the North Great George’s Street Residents Association, has also been an important vehicle in the conservation of the architectural fabric of the buildings and in gaining a broader acceptance of the architectural and urban significance of the street. Today, despite the protected structure status of the buildings, the area is subject to immense pressures of development, including the implications of use changes and the ongoing challenges of maintenance, which are affecting historic urban centres throughout the country.


The work of our organisations is based on two charitable objectives:

  1. The conservation, restoration and preservation of the buildings and streetscape of North Great George’s Street;
  2. The maintenance and improvement of the environment in North Great George’s Street and the surrounding area.



The Society was formed in 1979 by a group of resident house-owners who had become concerned about the fate of this unique street that had survived almost alone amid the surrounding dereliction of North Central Dublin.  Many of this original group are still house-owners and members of the Society and have been joined by like-minded people in trying to achieve its objectives.  The Association was formed more recently to represent the views and interests of the many long-term residents in the street.


Management and Contact

The honorary board consists of the Chairman, the Treasurer and Secretary.

Please write to the Secretary (Society and Association) at 12 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1 or by email to nggsps@gmail.com

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